The Truth About Hair Straightening and Smoothing Treatments

by Steph

Posted on 25-12-2019 09:25 PM

The Truth About Hair Straightening and Smoothing Treatments

Even “all-natural” or “formaldehyde-free” formulas of hair straighteners are often full of duplicate chemicals that become formaldehyde when they’re heated. hair a 2014 study on brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments found formaldehyde levels that were deemed high enough to pose a health hazard for consumers. of course, it’s better for your health to look for low-exposure options, but this is a case where reading the labels and asking questions won’t necessarily yield the truth about the product you’re using.

Summer is pretty much here and for many of us that means one thing: frizz! (if your hair is anything other than bone-straight then the two pretty much go hand-in-hand, right?) while professional smoothing and straightening treatments yielding long-term results have gained popularity over the years, a quick google search of options will likely leave you feeling...confused. how do you know what treatment is right for your hair type? what's the difference between a brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment? can they straighten curly hair? well, we got the expert scoop. read on for the breakdown if you're considering a new summer style.

In the pursuit of silky, swingy, frizz-free hair, there are a dizzying number of tempting in-salon hair-smoothing options to choose from, including, of course, the ever-popular keratin treatment. famed for its strand-softening and straightening abilities, keratin treatments have been trendy for the better part of the last decade, if not longer than that. but, what, exactly does the whole process entail? to get the full lowdown, we grilled cosmetic chemists, as well as professional hairstylists, on what works (and what's safe). here, find the eight things you — and your hair — need to know before you officially commit.

Everything You Want to Know About Permanent Hair Straightening

Kiki hair is the best in permanent hair straightening in melbourne because we use top-of-the-line products that include the japanese straightening brand known as shiseido professional crystallizing straightening system. here’s how it will transform your dull, frizzy hair to shiny, pin-straight locks. how it works shiseido crystallizing straightening is our in-salon thermal straightening service, which aims to repair your hair cuticles and its inner tissues for a permanently beautiful, straight hair. straightening

Hair relaxing is a form of permanent chemical straightening. your hair is held together by two types of chemical bonds: hydrogen bonds and disulphide bonds. disulphide bonds are extremely durable. in fact, they are one of the strongest naturally occurring bonds in the world. chemical relaxers use extremely high heat and chemicals to break these bonds. your stylist can then reset your hair into a permanently straight configuration.

What is permanent straightening? permanent hair straightening aka japanese straightening aka the death of versatility, utilises thermal reconditioning products to straighten the curliest of hair forever! breaking down and reforming the hair fibre, permanent straightening can leave your hair brittle and vulnerable to future damage. some see permanent straightening can seriously dry your hair out which is why most specialists don’t recommend using it on

If you decide to straighten it you can do it chemically or you can do it with products that promise to temporarily tame the curls on a day by day basis. the most common reason that people decide to have their hair straightened is to eliminate frizz. sometimes this process will be used also to soften or eliminate wavy hair. permanent hair straightening, involves a process where the basic structure of overly curly or wavy hair is changed into a straight form.

When looking at the types of hair straightening available, you need to consider if you want temporary or permanent straightening. temporary hair straightening is generally completed through the application of heat. this could be with a hot iron or with the hair drier. temporary hair straightening can be done at home and with relative ease. of course, you will need to be careful as certain types of hair will become brittle if heat is applied too often. conditioning your hair and using a hair treatment will ensure that this does not happen.

I can't stress this enough: do your homework. don't purchase a coupon for chemical straightening off groupon, actually take the time to research what type of permanent straightening you want, if any (see point one). depending on where you go, afterwards, your hair may feel like actual straw... and unfortunately, it may also look like it too.

Using both chemicals and heat, japanese straightening is a smoothing and conditioning treatment that promotes a permanently altered structure of hair. during a japanese straightening treatment, protein bonds in the hair are loosened and then reshaped by hair cells. for those of you who can’t sit still, be forewarned this is a lengthy process that involves numerous steps… six to eight hours to be exact. after a few days, you will also need to return to the salon for an hour or so for the final step. on the plus side, this treatment lasts about six to seven months. as amazing and long-lasting as this treatment sounds, it can be very damaging to hair in the long run, so make sure to think long and hard about this one.

Chemical hair straightening/relaxing is the process of permanent rearranging the basic structure of overly curly hair into a straight form. when done professionally, it leaves the hair straight and in a satisfactory condition, to be set into almost any style. over the years i have researched and used many different straightening products from

How to Chemically Straighten Hair at Home

Imaxtree the popular phrase, “you always want what you don’t have” often rings true when it comes to women and their hair. curly girls dream of silky straight strands, while ladies with pin-straight locks lust for voluminous curls. thankfully, alternating your natural texture is not out of reach—but not without a few risks. to answer that old “should i chemically straighten my hair?” question once and for all, we consulted with experts who filled us in on the commitment and after-math of the process. if it’s ever crossed your mind, make sure to read on to learn more about your options before taking the plunge into the world of chemical straighteners.

If your hair is uber thick, curly, or frizzy, or you're just not that into your texture, you might have considered getting your hair chemically straightened. but the pricey salon services have recently come under fire for causing some super-scary side effects, with hair damage being the least of it. here's what you need to know before putting your hair and health at risk:

1. Keratin doesn't defrizz your hair.

1. chemical straighteners work by changing the structure of your hair. each hair is made up of grouped chains of keratin, a naturally occurring protein. chemical treatments affect the way these chains are held together to effectively de-coil each strand. there are several different types of in-salon chemical straightening and smoothing treatments, with japanese and brazilian being the most common ones. both processes involve coating each strand with a strong chemical, then warming it up to activate the formula.

Cons of permanent hair straightening

Permanent keratin straightning @g& shine hair beauty and fashion get yours hair today and pay later. no interest ever. pay it over the time you pay zippay back over time in easy weekly or monthly payments. just call me at if any questions. matrix keratin straightening which straight and protect your hair without damage last 7-8 months prices from: $200 short hair $250 to shoulders $270 to bra strap $300 to tail bone bonus:- complementary protein treatment service worth $40 advantages : -waiting time 1 - 2 days -no formaldehyde. -nonca

Hair consists of a protein known as keratin. keratin is known to give hair its strength and elasticity. keratin is made up of numerous amino acids that contain sulfur. when these sulfurs atoms bond together they create disulphide bonds in the hair which is what makes hair strong and retain a specific shape. to be able to achieve straightening of the hair shaft, the bonds that hold hair together must be broken.

More then 25 years experience with permanent hair straightening, i am so confidant with results and with the products for what i have been using to the customers with frizzy curly hair  blonde, balayage , ombre’, foils, dye/ color or natural.  i am  understanding how hard it is to mange and to look after your hair with a frizzy thick tiny curly hair.

Just to be clear, there are four options when it comes to permanent chemical straightening: japanese thermal reconditioning, a.k.a. the straight perm: involves applying chemicals, then straightening the hair with a flat iron. brazilian keratin treatment: keratin is the protein that keeps hair glossy and straight, and we lose keratin as we age.

Stylists Take: Japanese Straightening vs Chemical Straightening

if you want something that lasts until your hair grows out... ..thermal reconditioning (also called japanese straightening) is best for bulky, loose to medium—but not kinky—curls. the hair is saturated with a solution containing a chemical that breaks the bonds that give each strand its shape; it is then rinsed, blow-dried, and meticulously flatironed. once a neutralizer is applied, the hair is locked into this new, straight configuration. the process can take up to eight hours the first time (depending on length and thickness); touch-ups require three to four hours. for three days after the treatment, you can't get your hair wet or do anything kink inducing (like wear a ponytail), and while your hair will now be sleek and shiny (even after air-drying), you're left with one styling option: bone-straight. even curling irons or hot rollers won't restore volume or wave. cost: $500 to $1,500.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is a hair styling technique used since the 1890s involving the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and sleek appearance. it became very popular during the 1950s among black males and females of all races. it is accomplished using a hair iron or hot comb , chemical relaxers , japanese hair straightening, brazilian hair straightening , or roller set / blowdryer styling. in addition, some shampoos , conditioners , and hair gels can help to make hair temporarily straight.

How does Magic Sleek hair straightening work?

Magic sleek is the most effective hair straightening system for damaged hair, it has been developed with many natural ingredients found in the amazon rainforest; these components are rich in omega 3 and omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids, which offer nutrition to the hair. magic sleek is truly an amazing treatment that works with a very unique technology; it softens hair, restores life to lifeless hair, and increases shine for lacklustre, dry hair by locking in moisture. magic sleek shields and protects hair against uv rays and environmental pollution. its high vitamin e content encourages accelerated hair growth.

How to Straighten Your Hair

Continue smooth hair is high on everyone’s beauty covet list. but with so many options for how to get it, choosing the right method can be overwhelming. so we’re here to break down the difference, and to help you decide which straightening strategy is best for you. here are your hair smoothing and straightening options:

Google japanese thermal straightening and you should get a good idea. in general chemical straightening works best on virgin hair as it’s high heat (damaging if your hair is already compromised) and if it’s dyed dark then it can make your hair pull orange tones. i was going to get it done when i was in asia but i didn’t think my hair would tolerate it. the regrowth is hard to touch up and looks odd. also regrowth is charged at same price as full head as it’s more difficult to do regrowth.